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The winery's Visitor Center is located on a magical spot overlooking the Judean Hills. There is a biblical winepress on the premises that reflects our strong attachment to the land and history. We get much pride and satisfaction from returning the wine industry to the Judean Hills, an ancient cradle of winemaking

The spectacular vista, green environment and clear air create a perfect scene for magical wine experiences.
We invite you to a visit that includes explanations and tastings of 4 types of wines, alongside the wine you can order a rich cheese palette including cheeses, bread, vine leaves, vegetables and dips, pizzas, focaccia, burrata salad, beet carpaccio

On request we offer chef meals and a full menu. 

Thursday evenings at Tzuba Winery - from 19:00

2.5 יוני ג'הסי – זמר ויוצר, מנגן גיטרה ומפוחית בערב שכולו רוק ישראלי מכל הזמנים
16.5 שפילד בנד – מופע קאברים של רוק, פאנק ובלוז משנות ה-60 ועד היום 
23.5 לאה חגאי במופע סולו סוחף ומלא גרוב שיגרום לכם להזיז את הגוף
30.5 היקב סגור. אנו מציגים בכנס היין השנתי של מטה יהודה. בואו לבקר!

To reserve a visit for groups, call 073-7815300.

The love of wine is a love of people and hosting. We organize beautiful events for families, weddings, birthdays and more.
We can create tailor-made events to suit personal requests and needs including menu, budget and program.The experience is intimate and pleasant. The service is personal and courteous.
To rent a winery for an event, call 073-7815300.

Company Events
Tzuba Winery hosts company events and fun days.
The combination of excellent wine, a relaxed and open environment and the spectacular view creates an unforgettable, routine-breaking, bonding experience. Other activities in Tzuba Tourism include chocolate workshops, walks, tours and hospitality at Tzuba Hotel.
To book a company event, call 073-7815300.

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