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חגיגת טרסה על הטרסה

יקב צובה חוגג מיתוג חדש ליין הדגל שלו Terasa מאת: בר אולפן עידןפורסם ב 10.09.2023 חגיגה ביקבלפני זמן לא רב סיפרתי כאן על ביקור קודם שלי

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Tzuba Winery

Tonight I visited Tzuba Winery high up in the Judean Hills, at an elevation of over 700 m., for the launch of their prestige Terasa 2019, a Cab Syrah blend.

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המלצה ליין

המצווה לשתות ארבע כוסות יין בליל הסדר היא מהסמלים הבולטים של חג הפסח. לפניכם כמה טיפים מהיינן פול דאב שמוכר לנו מיקב צובה המפורסם

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שיכור ולא מיין

בקיץ 1996 פול דאב (50) עשה את כל הדרך מקייפ טאון שבדרום אפריקה לישראל, אחרי שנים שהחלום הציוני בער בו.

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The first 100 dunams of thriving vines were planted in 1996 on the terra rossa soil of the Tzuba hillsides. A land with a rich history of winemaking among rocks, ancient terraces and biblical winepresses. The vines were planted by the loving hands of our winemaker and manager, Paul Dubb, who knows each plant and branch.
In 2005 the winery opened. Two years later Paul Dubb was appointed winemaker bringing his special and close connection to the vineyards and his professional experience. Tzuba is an estate winery, based exclusively on vineyards surrounding the kibbutz spreading over 450 dunams, enabling the winemaker to be in close contact with the crops, monitor ripening and plan the harvest. 

From the vineyard to the glass

Tzuba vineyards are planted at an altitude of 700m with rows growing from north to south and a density of 650 vines per dunam. This ratio creates deep and intense tastes in each grape. The perfect climate -- low humidity -- and the differences in temperatures between day and night, create unique and ideal conditions for the crop. The grapes are harvested by moonlight to maintain the quality of the grapes as they arrive at the winery still cool.The quality wines are produced by the Free Run method where the juice drains from the grapes via gravitation and only at the end are the grapes squeezed. This method neutralizes the heavy tannins from the peels and pips and enables production of elegant wines. 
The red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Shiraz The white varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.
All wines are Single Vineyard, i.e. produced from the same vineyard every year, which brings unity and consistency of tastes and quality. A varietal wine consists solely of grapes from that variety and no other.
The wines age from 8 to 18 months in French oak barrels. Premium wines age in new barrels for 18 months. The winery produces 60,000 bottles a year which are sold in select wine stores in Israel and abroad. All the wines are glatt kosher certified by the regional council of Mateh Yehuda and O.K.
The winery belongs to the Mateh Yehuda Aplacion, recently recognized internationally and listed as a formal trademark.

The quality wines reflect the experience of the cultivator and the passion of the winemaker.
Only a glass of wine can explain the cosmic connection between the grapes, the vigneron and the vinter

The Winemaker's story
Before becoming Tzuba's winemaker, Paul Dubb planted the first 100 dunams of Tzuba vineyards and for 9 years cultivated the vines with a close attachment to the winery. He learnt about different varieties and the influence of climate on them, about soil composition and the treatment needed to grow the best crop.
Paul believes the quality of wine is determined by the quality of the grapes and this led to his close connection to the field. 
His life story has the aroma of wine. During his childhood in South Africa, Dubb's family led by his father made wine at home. 
"I remember the anticipation before the summer harvest, the excitement as we picked and then went through the winemaking process, ending each day with purple feet and hands." Paul's interest in winemaking started early. As a youngster in Capetown he visited the wineries of the Wine Route, tasting different varieties, listening to winemakers, learning their unique ways of production. Those meetings left a deep mark on him. 

For years at home he made wine that excelled as he progressed. Dubb found this process contributed greatly to his understanding of winemaking. Tzuba wines have won prizes in the Terra-Vino and Winet international contests.

The close and relentless connection between the winemaker and the vineyard, the cooperation and sequential interaction between the grape grower and the winemaker create the uniqueness of a winery.The ability of the winemaker to deeply understand the growing process is one of the most important components of winemaking. The winemaker should know the terroir and climate and match the crop with the environment. The winemaker has a crucial influence on the wine. And so, knowledge and experience, striving to improve and excel are of ultimate importance. Personal characteristics such as meticulousness to the smallest details, creativity, thinking out of the box and, more than anything, love and passion for this form of art, all lead to the outstanding Tzuba wines. 

"The essence of making good wine is the involvement of the winemaker in all stages from planting the vines up to the bottling. It's important to be updated on new technologies and to maintain quality relentlessly in all parts of the process. Of course, first and foremost are a passion and love for winemaking."

Paul Dubb, Tzuba Winery vinter

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